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The Client will have a maximum term of fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery of the Product to communicate his total or partial desistimiento of the purchase of the Product, of conformity with the applicable legislation. Once finished the term of fourteen (14) calendar days, Safe Sea will not accept returns for desistimiento of purchases of Products. The return effected in term will not endure any penalty. Nevertheless, the Client will have to assume the postage and handling of the return. Returns of products are not accepted in poor condition.


In the supposition of the exercise of the right of desistimiento, the Client will have right to the reimbursement of the price of the returned Products, besides the ordinary postage and handling, providing that the returned Products are situated in the same conditions in which they were delivered, they have not been used. Safe Is he will verify in his store the adequacy of the returned Product, saving itself the right not to fulfil the rembolso in case of detecting that the acquired Product and the returned one do not coincide or that the return has not been realized in conformity with the present Conditions of Sale.

The partial returns of an order will give place to reimbursements of the price and of partial postage and handling. The postage and handling will return proportionally to the value of the returned product. Safe Is it will manage the order of return of the price and postage and handling by means of the same system of payment used by the Client for the acquisition of the Products, in the space of forty eight (48 hours from the confirmation of arrival to the store of the returned order. The application of the return of the price and postage and handling in the account or card of the Client will depend on the card and on the issuing entity. The term of application of the return of the price will be of up to seven (7) calendar days for the cards of debit and of up to thirty (30) calendar days for the credit cards.


The Client will have right to the reimbursement of the price, of the expenses of sending and of the expenses of transport of return, of the defective Products or of the dedicated Products if they do not correspond with the order realized by the Client, of conformity with the applicable legislation. In case of return of defective Products, or that do not correspond with the order realized by the Client, Safe Sea will take charge of the costs of transport of the return of the Products, as long as the return is realized from inside the Territory.




The Client will have to realize the payment by means of card of credit or of debit Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and / or other analogous cards, or by means of PayPal’s system. The voucher of purchase will be sent by e-mail. The card with the one that does the payment to herself will have to take as an issuing financial institution to a bank or savings bank Spanish or a branch or affiliated financial institution of a foreign financial institution with establishment in Spain. The Client will have to notify to Safe Sea, across the section of contact, any undue or fraudulent post in the card used for purchases in the Web site, in the minor space of possible time, in order which Safe Sea could realize the negotiations that he considers to be suitable.

Safe Sea manifest that neither has access does not even store sensitive information relative to the mean of payment used by the Client. Only the corresponding entity processor of the payment has access to this information like management of the payments and collections. In case that the client needs invoice, it will have to request it by e-mail (administracon@safecare.es) facilitating his fiscal information to us.


The Clients will be able to cancel or to extend the orders before receiving the Product providing that the order is in condition “Confirmed” and as long as the particular conditions of the campaign in question do not exclude this possibility. This information will be facilitated to the Client in the own campaign. In any other case, if the Client wants to cancel an order it will have to proceed, as it is indicated in the previous paragraph. In case of extensions of order, the postage and handling will be able there turns increased / decrease, which will be specified for every case especially.

Safe Sea it saves itself the right to cancel orders in the cases and in conformity with the terms and conditions indicated in the paragraph of ” Payment of the Products ” of the present Conditions of Use and Sale.


Safe Sea promises to deliver the Product in mint condition in the direction indicated by the Client who, in any case, will have to be understood inside the Territory. In order to optimize the process of delivery, the direction that the Client indicates must be a direction in which the delivery could be realized inside the labor habitual schedule. For the present time Safe Sea does not realize sending of articles to Canaries. If in the moment of the delivery of the Product in the direction indicated by the Client, there had nobody, the company transporter will contact the Client telephonically, indicating how to proceed to coordinate a new delivery.

Safe Sea it guarantees the delivery of the Product during ten (10) calendar days following the date of the e-mail sent by Safe Sea where it informs to the Client that his order is of way. If the delivery of the Product has not effected the Client in the space of 10 days indicated by reasons not attributable to Safe Sea or to the transporter, the Products will be returned to the stores of Safe Sea and the Client will have to take charge of the postage and handling and of return, as well as of the possible associate expenses of management. Safe Is it will not be responsible for the mistakes or prejudices caused in the delivery when the direction of delivery introduced by the Client does not exist, be incorrect or when the requirements are not fulfilled for the way change of delivery indicated before.

In case, on having opened the bundles with the Products, the Client saw that these are damaged because of the transport, which they are erroneous or which there are absent Products of the same order, it will have to communicate it for e-mail or for telephone to Safe Sea in a period of 2 calendar days from the delivery.


The service of habitual delivery contracted by Safe Sea they are 72 hours. If for any reason the Product cannot be sent in this term, Safe Sea it will communicate route to the Client e-mail. The delivery is considered to be effected from the moment in which the Product has been a position to disposition in the place of delivery indicated by the Client or in the point of withdrawal. The risk of the Products (between others, the loss, damage or theft) will be transmitted to the Client from the moment in which the same ones have put to his disposition in the place of delivery.