Safe Sea KIDS SPF 50 Aerosol 200ml

//Safe Sea KIDS SPF 50 Aerosol 200ml

Safe Sea KIDS SPF 50 Aerosol 200ml


Water-resistant moisturizing lotion aerosol

High protection SPF50


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Moisturizing lotion, offering double protection against sun and jellyfish stings. Available in SPF 50.

Aerosol format 100 ml.



  • Safe Sea prevents the stimulation of jellyfish tentacles after contact with the human skin. Clinically proven at universities and hospitals to prevent stings. Discover why do jellyfish sting, and how Safe Sea protects you.
  • Safe Sea contains physical, chemical and biological filters which reduce the effects of solar radiation on the skin.
  • Clinical trials have proven that Safe Sea is very water resistant, enduring up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. In case of minimum contact with water, Safe Sea’s protection is prolonged.
  • Safe Sea’s formula is sterile, so there’s no need for toxic preservatives such as parabens.
  • Safe Sea’s Water-in-Oil emulsion gives the skin an excellent feel and keeps it hydrated.
  • Vitamins B and E, which are present in Safe Sea, are important antioxidants for the human body.
  • Safe Sea’s formula contains Bioplasma-FA, the plankton extract with patented sting inhibitors. Together with GAG and glycoproteins, they improve the skin’s hydration and have anti-aging and anti-stress properties. Learn more



Here are four very important tips to obtain the best results when using Safe Sea sunscreen:

  • Apply at home (not at the pool or at the beach) at least 30 minutes before exposure to sun or the first bath.
  • Spread the sunscreen generously over the whole body. The skin should be completely dry when applying the product.
  • Do not leave any areas unprotected: a jellyfish will discharge its stinging cells with the minimum of contact.
  • What quantity should be applied? To evaluate the effectiveness of a sunscreen’s SPF for any individual skin type, it should be tested, by applying 2mg/cm2 of product to the back. A typical adult, 1,70m tall needs approximately 30ml of sunscreen of appropiate SPf to complete body coverage. Less will not provide appropriate solar protection.
  • To ensure correct application we would recommend following the “7 Teaspoon Rule” created by dermatologist. This recommends applying a teaspoonful (of Safe Sea) to each of the seven parts of the body (i.e. legs, arms, torso, back & face).

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