Nidaria Laboratory Technology Ltd

World leader in the development of state-of-the-art sunscreens

Inspired by a single goal: enjoy a sunny day

Whether you are sitting in the sun, enjoying the sea or climbing to the top of a mountain, Nidaria is your best provider of sun protection.

Nidaria Technology Ltd is a biotechnology company founded in 1995 in Israel, together with its current CEO, Dr. Amit Lotan. Its objective is the creation of latest generation sun protection product lines. Extensive research and clinical trials allow them to offer safe, practical products with special benefits for the consumer. Among them, the special jellyfish SAFE SEA sunscreen, unique in the world for its double protection effect: against sun and jellyfish stings.

Committed to solar and environmental research for the benefit of all humanity

Since its inception, Nidaria Tecnology has worked closely with government organizations such as the US Navy. and Israel’s Ministry of the Environment to test the effectiveness of its sunscreens around the world. At present, it keeps up with the global sun protection market and regulatory requirements and continues to lead the market with the development of new specialized products, to meet the needs of users in different continents.

The products of Nidaria Tecnology Ltd have been distributed for more than a decade and millions of customers in Europe, USA. United States, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

More than 2,400 m2 of facilities abalan the production of six tons of sunscreen per day

The facilities of Nidaria Tecnology Ltd. comprise more than 2,400 square meters of manufacturing space, warehouse and offices, dedicated to implementing the latest technological advances in the manufacture of sunscreen products.

The constant dialogue between the R & D Department and the Nidaria manufacturing team guarantees the production of optimal products in terms of efficiency, price and quality control.

All in all, Nidaria Tecnology Ltd. has the backing and accreditation of the FDA of the United States. It has been audited and approved as an official manufacturer of the main US companies. UU