Safe Sea offer you a complete solution by providing: a high-quality solar protection, skin hydration, and our patented formula that prevents jellyfish stings and respect for the environment


Marine scientists and biotechnologists founded Safe Sea in 1995. Extensive research and clinical trials have allowed us to offer products with unique features, such as protection from jellyfish. Therefore, we are committed to innovation and quality in all our product range.

Nowadays, our sunscreen is distributed in more than 15 countries. In Spain and other european countries, Safe Sea is exclusively distributed by Safe Care Cosmetics. For more information about Safe Care, visit their website by clicking here.


Safe Sea is founded with the goal of making the beach a safer place, protecting everyone from the dangers of the sun and jellyfish.

Safe Sea obtains the first patent for its formula with dual protection.

The clinical trials conducted at an important medical center in the Mediterranean area demonstrate Safe Sea’s effectiveness against jellyfish stings.

Safe Sea is launched in both countries, being the only sunscreen in the world that protects both from the sun and jellyfish.

Safe Sea is launched in Japan and begins the development of new sunscreens with SPF between 15 and 50.

The U.S. Army is interested in Safe Sea and finances clinical trials at Stanford Hospital (California), Japan and Florida. All trials have positive outcomes.

The trials conducted in open water by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) further demonstrate Safe Sea’s protection.

Safe Sea’s factory produces more than 100 tons of sunscreen each month.

Safe Sea is sold in more than 15 countries and 4 continents, including Asia, North America and South America, among others.

Safe Sea closes a distribution deal with Seavenger, a store specialized in snorkeling and surf.

Austrojam Ltd. starts distributing Safe Sea’s product range in Jamaica.

Safe Sea culminates its global expansion by selling its products in Spain and the rest of Europe.


Dr. Amir Lotan received his PhD in biology from the Hebrew University, where he he investigated, alongside scientists from the United Nations, possible ways to offer protection from jellyfish stings.

His doctorate was based on the toxin injection systems found inside jellyfish. These, as well as sea lice, sea nettles, coral, sea anemone and other organisms that belong to the Cnidaria phylum, have similar stinging cells. Amit Lotan was the first scientist to conduct a comprehensive investigation of their stinging mechanism at a biochemical level.

These findings were published at the time in Nature magazine, as well as other prestigious marine biology publications from the 90s.

During his investigation, Lotan observed that the clownfish (a main character in the movie Finding Nemo), wasn’t stung neither by jellyfish nor anemones, and he decided to study their mucus coating.

After obtaining his PhD, Lotan spent three years investigating in California, where he was able to isolate the chemical substance that seemed to protect these small, white-and-orange fish.

Amit Lotan included this substance in a sunscreen emulsion, and when he returned to Israel in the late 90s, he founded Nidaria Technology Ltd. in order to develop Safe Sea, a unique sunblock.

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Demonstration of the effectiveness of Safe Sea on TV